About me

My name is Romana Lobodova. I live in Czech republic, in Central Bohemia, in the village Dymokury.

Since my youth, I like to do manual work. Hobbies have resulted in a full-time job.
I deal mainly with sheep wool processing in a variety of ways.
I focus on spinning, weaving, felting, I like to discover old textile techniques.
Some time ago I acquired my own shetland sheep, currently I have a herd of seven heads. The wool on my products is therefore from my own source and from local breeders. No chemical means are used for its processing.
We take care of the sheep most humane and with love. I consider this to be an important bonus for my products.

On my site you will find a wide variety of textile techniques that I have learned. I like to be inspired by fantasy when I create. It is also a great challenge for me, for example, to make a fabric based on archaeological find.

If you like something and decide to own it, do not hesitate to contact me.

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