Why sheep wool?

Wool, with its unique natural properties, is one of the most versatile and historically important materials.

Airiness of the fabric

the sheep’s hair retains its characteristic after cutting and further processing, shrink and stretch due to ambient temperature. It is very flexible, after stretching itself returns to its original shape.


instantly adapts to body temperature, so there is no excessive sweating;feeling of cold.  The Chinese in the days of great heat wrapped ice into the wool. The ice did not thaw thanks the wool properties.

Absorption of water

sheep fleece has the ability to absorb water up to 35% of its weight. It keeps dry on touch and moisture is easily disposed of as soon as the environment ceases to be damp. That’s why woolen products are greatly absorbing sweat from the body and the wool can naturally get rid of it. For comparison – cotton absorbs about 8%, synthetic fiber approx. 3%


is the substance that each hair contains. It protects it from bacteria and other microorganisms so it helps the wool to regenerate – often referred to as a self-cleaning effect of wool. Lanolin reduces brittleness, sensitivity to hair damage and thus reduces dustiness. It has soothing effects on the skin, softens it and acts anti-inflammatory. Therefore, lanolin is also used in cosmetics. Lanolin works across the skin and reduces rheumatic pain.


low dustiness, the presence of lanolin and the ability to drain moisture are inappropriate environment for mites that cause allergies due to their excrements and dead body parts. Therefore sheep wool products are very suitable for allergy sufferers.


properties such as repulsion of microorganisms, moisture repulsion, antistaticity, determines the wool to be a great helper in creating a non-allergic environment.

Sheep wool is a natural hollow fiber.

Sheep wool is not prone to wrinkling.

Wool products are part of new healthy lifestyle trends with high health requirements.

When getting this great natural material, the animal does not kill and nature is not damaged.